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I have used Gary’s services several times and each time I was able to overcome my mental obstacles. The most recent session was done via “ Zoom “ due to covid concerns. I then played in a tournament with nothing clouding my mind during my play. I owe a lot of my success to Gary’s techniques

Poko P.


"I'd say I smoke for a good 25 years. I was a pack and a half a day smoker, I've tried so many times to quit but only last a couple days a couple weeks and then back to smoking again. As I hit my mid 40s I decided to quit again,a friend of mine told me about hypotherapy !!! I told my buddy that shit would not work for me, but I will give it try !!

Mind you I've been trying to quit many of times my health started going downhill so that's why I made my appointment with rising star I was ready to quit.!!!! Three months later I have not smoked!! My wife is also a pack a day smoker and she still smokes till this day I have no problem or urge to smoke !! You have to be mentally ready to stop smoking for this to work!!!!!!!"

Hawaiian B.


Today's online event was Awesome!
Gary provided us with 3 very practical Power Tool techniques that we are able to use immediately to during these challenging and uncertain times.

Tom H.


As a licensed Acupuncturist I have referred several clients to Gary to help them overcome anxiety or phobias, prepare for childbirth, quit smoking, lose weight and other issues. Gary is easy to work with, very professional, and consistently gets great results.

Eva Kwong
Eva Kwong Acupuncture


Gary, it was a true pleasure to host you the other evening. Your presentation was fantastic and I know attendees were very engaged--that's a wonderful thing to see. I believe nearly everyone provided their info on your signup sheet and gobbled up the business cards. I also found your talk personally helpful, which is a bonus for me!Thanks again for sharing your expertise with the library. Keep us in mind--

Michelle B.
San Mateo Public Library


Sincerely appreciate for the great session today. The communication part made so much sense and so inspiring.  You guided in various approaches in such a natural, smooth and inspiring manner, I felt very relaxing, much more confident and came out w very positive attitude.  I honestly felt beneficial from every minute of the session.  Thanks again for laying out such a great one.

Calvin W.


Gary is a fantastic hypnotherapist. I had my hyponosis session with him several days before my due date. I felt super relaxing and had wonderful sleep that night. Gary recorded a part of our session and forwarded it to me. So it's very convenient for me to listen to it every day. The recorded session helped me tremendously reduce my pain during labor. I did reach my goal of complete natural birth without any interventions. I would like to encourage anyone who want to have natural birth or like to train your mind to better handle pain to try hyponosis. Highly recommended to have the session down with Gary!

Kun L.


We worked together a few years ago, the hypnosis I believed helped me quit smoking and graduate college. Hopefully you can help me with weightloss and stress relief. Thank you,

Kevin S


Gary did an excellent job of covering the material he was presenting. I really enjoyed it. This meeting had really good value for me.

Paul H.


My life has really improved since going to Gary.  Without getting into specifics, it has really changed my life and I'm forever grateful.  I like that you see immediate changes and I'm a very practical person so I like that it's changes that people notice right away.  He's very caring but most importantly effective.

Nhieu W.


There's obvious improvement after two visits.  I'm very optimistic on continuous positive changes. Highly recommend Gary to those who intend to change their life for the better.

Chien C.


I've had 3 sessions with Gary - With my sleeping problem, the techniques and tools Gary gave me resulted in helping me sleep better.  My sleep cycle has now dramatically changed for the better.  I highly recommend Gary.

Andrea R.


I am very appreciative of the work you have done with me in our first two sessions.  I feel like it is working well.  My  compliments to you on your expertise and thoughtful, personalized interventions, it is really touching and resonating with me.

Don P.


We had Gary come and give a presentation on hypnotherapy.  His presentation itself proved to be powerful and engaging, and seems to have given the audience some great focus techniques to use in their life.  I would have Gary do another presentation again here anytime.

Kajah R.
​Millbrae Public Library


"I went to see Gary because I was drinking alcohol and smoking weed every day. I had been this way for about 10 years and was ready to stop but I couldn't find the "drive" myself to do it. I was able to find Gary and after my first hypnotherapy session I felt much better. I saw that it wouldn't be as difficult as I thought it would be. I had 2 more sessions left and by the second session I was indeed on a clean and sober path. On that sober path I went in for the 3rd, and final session, as a celebratory session. I saw him in Mid December and today is 6 weeks of me being clean and sober. I have no struggles with either substances, rather I understand now that choosing a different path in life can benefit me way more than the path I was on so I have the "drive" to stay clean and sober and see what life has to offer me. 

If you are ready to move forward in your life but need some extra help, Gary can help."

​Jeffrey D.


My whole life I get very nervous whenever I have to draw blood. I fainted every time I sat on that chair. I literally blacked out and nurses had to lay me down and prepare me juices. One time I even fainted after I cut my finger with a knife. It was only a tiny cut and wasn't even that bad. But I just couldn't control my body and mind. I started to sweat and blacked out eventually.

Gary was my life saver. After seeing him, blood drawing was a piece of cake. I never knew I would put on a smile after sitting on that chair. I was able to walk in and out that lab within 5 minutes.

I highly recommend Gary. My dad has this same issue as me. I may just bring in my dad to see Gary one day. Oh, I heard he is great if you want to quit smoking too."

Chloris W.

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