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First, book a free evaluation

Please book a free evaluation before you book your first hypnotherapy session. The evaluation can be done either by phone or Zoom video call. This gives me an opportunity to learn about your situation, answer your questions and make some recommendations. 

Then, book your first hypnotherapy session

Hypnotherapy sessions are by appointment only. Booking is done on the Book a Session page. Choose either in-person or online sessions and you'll see available times on the calendar. Choose the date and time that works best for you. You’ll also see the rates and pay in advance for your session.

How many sessions?


Clients who come for help with a specific issue like getting rid of a fear, changing a habit, preparing for an exam, etc. typically see me for 3-4 weekly hypnosis sessions and get a great result. Once clients experience the benefits of hypnotherapy, they may discover other areas where it could be helpful, so the door is always open for more hypnotherapy sessions if desired.

Another way for us to work is ongoing coaching and hypnotherapy. This is common for sports, entrepreneurs, performing artists and general personal development.  For this work we may spread our hypnotic sessions over a longer period of time and have an ongoing relationship.

Each session will start with a brief discussion and then proceed into the hypnotherapy change work. We'll be making changes and addressing your concerns right from the start. 

About Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy

Hypnosis has a long and interesting history. Studies have shown it to be a safe and effective process that has many applications. Today it's being used in a wide variety of settings including medicine, sports, business, personal development, performing arts, psychology, sales and more. 


Hypnosis allows us to access aspects of our mental processes that run below our level of conscious awareness. Why is that important?  Because many studies indicate that most of our emotional responses and primary behavior patterns are driven by unconscious processes. Along with unconscious protective responses we also have an amazing ability to instantly recognize and remember patterns in our environment and to learn complex behaviors and skills to the point they become automatic. 


Examples of automatic behaviors and skills include things like walking, driving, job skills and spoken language. Examples of automatic responses include things like "gut feelings", sense of direction, fears, panic, anxiety, excitement, attraction, and blushing. Once the behavior or response is encoded it may run automatically whenever the triggering pattern is recognized. 

Overall, this works really well for us. It puts many things on autopilot so we can go about our business. But sometimes error creeps into the system and we end up with unwanted responses and behaviors. Examples of this include things like phobias, bad habits, anxiety etc. How does that happen? Anytime we're feeling a strong emotion, or receive a shock we may associate whatever's in the environment with that feeling or take in whatever suggestion is offered, especially if it's given by an authority figure like a parent, doctor or teacher.. We can also receive unwanted "training" of our unconscious via ads, peer pressure, social media, movies, family members and parents.


Unwanted automatic behaviors and responses can  be hard to stop using conscious methods like willpower or by simply talking about it.  But when we use hypnosis, we can get to the root of the problem and change things easily. Hypnotherapy allows us to guide and retrain your unconscious processes so they serve you better.


So how exactly does hypnotic work accomplish that? By communicating with the unconscious using its natural mode of communication. Through emotions, physical sensations, symbols, powerful words and a sense of involuntary or automatic behavior. Our work will leverage these elements through a variety of exercises and techniques to get the results you want. Our work will also bring certain things into your conscious awareness that will really help you. This is where Cognitive Skill Building comes in. You'll learn mindset tools you can use in certain situations to get the results you want.

Some of our work will be very interactive with a lot of conversation, while other techniques will be more like “classic” hypnosis. In certain cases I may ask you to bring your tennis racket, golf club or musical instrument to the session. We may even have a session at a golf course, auditorium, airport or other location where you've experienced a problem.


When a set of  sessions is completed, you'll enjoy the benefits of our work and also leave with a set of skills that will empower you far into the future.

  • Is the information disclosed in the appointments confidential?
    Yes, absolutely. Your privacy will always be respected. Any reviews and testimonials shared have been done so with the permission of the clients who wanted to share their positive experiences to encourage others.
  • Can you make me quit smoking?
    I don’t make people do things. I simply provide the opportunity and the means for my clients to make the changes they want to make.
  • Do you give any kind of guarantee?
    I can guarantee that you will receive the highest quality care and service, and the highest level of professionalism on my part. I will do my very best to get you the results you want. You will be treated with respect and benefit from the most effective techniques the field has to offer.
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If this description sounds good, I encourage you to book a free evaluation. The evaluation is a 15 min. phone call or Zoom session where you can share what's going on and we can decide together whether Hypnotherapy is a good fit for you. There's no obligation to book a session on the call. I look forward to speaking with you!





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